Australian (Green-Winged) King Parrot: Bird Species Profile

A recognizable attraction in Australia, the Australian king parrot is a somewhat rare household pet in the United States as well as various other aspect of the planet. If hand-raised, they create reasonably restful and also quiet animals. Their striking colours create all of them perfect for a bird fanatic trying to find an unusual sampling. These parrots are actually not cuddlers or even supporters of petting, however with steady instruction, they can easily know to state a few terms.

Species Overview
POPULAR NAMES: Australian king parrot, green-winged king parrot, eastern king parrot, Queensland king parrot, master lorie, and also scarlet parrot

TAXONOMIC NAME: Alisterus scapularis along with pair of recognized subspecies: Alisterus scaplaris slight and also A.scapcularis scapularis

GROWNUP SIZE: 16 and 18 inches in span

LONGEVITY: 25 to 30 years with proper treatment

Source and also History

Australian master parrots are belonging to coastal asian Australia and also New Guinea, where they are actually a common view in playgrounds, residential areas, and also farmlands. German naturalist Martin Lichtenstein initially defined the types in 1818. The genus Alisterus consists of 3 types, each of which are called king parrots. The other types consist of the Papuan king parrot and also the Moluccan king parrot.


Australian king parrots are certainly not excessively affectionate birds, as well as most carry out certainly not just like managing. While there is the periodic exemption, it is actually rare for a king parrot– even one that was actually hand-fed as a child– to connection as firmly with their managers in the same way that cockatoos as well as a few other parrot types do.

It is actually certainly not that these birds are actually anti-social. However, lots of Australian king parrots carry out take pleasure in communicating along with their owners and even find out to claim a handful of terms. However if you are actually seeking an affectionate parrot, then this is not the most ideal species for you.

Speech and Vocalizations

Although these are actually sizable parrots, Australian king parrots are actually understood to be one of the more quiet parrot species, and they often tend not to howl similarly as the other big hookbills such as macaws.

Instead, they have a tendency to pronounce at a really acceptable yet clear level pleasantly as well as will certainly delight their owners along with their whistles and also babble. When effectively interacted and also motivated, Australian master parrots can find out to chat but are actually not known for possessing an impressive talking ability.

Australian King Parrot Colors as well as Markings

Australian master parrots are actually a dimorphic bird types– implying the sexual activities look various– as well as dramatically therefore. Males possess cherry tuft on their heads as well as breasts, dazzling eco-friendly plumes on their backs and also rears, and blue feathers under their airfoils. They are actually the only parrot with an entirely red head.

Girls of the varieties have eco-friendly plumes on their backs, chests, and scalps, red on their stubborn bellies, as well as a spot of blue on their rumps. Each sexual activities have darker gray skin layer on their legs and also feet.

Women Australian master parrot

Although the large majority of Australian king parrots prefer low dealing with, they can be hand-tamed through client proprietors and also are actually amongst one of the most pleasant large parrots in the world. Carry out not get tricked into believing that an Australian king parrot will never bite– all parrots are going to bite if aggravated. Nonetheless, these birds typically choose extra quiet techniques of interacting with their individual sitters.

The Australian master parrot is actually an acrobatic bird that requires a big crate or even aviary. A suitable setting is an unit 3 to 6 feets broad and also 12 to 15 feet long. This bird is going to need several hrs of out-of-cage workout each day if always kept in a smaller sized room.

Common Health Problems

Australian king parrots are vulnerable to Bacillus, which is a microbial contamination that is actually virtually regularly catastrophic and also difficult or even inconceivable to manage. Make sure to quarantine your bird for six weeks just before presenting it to any other birds you may have.

If kept in a conventional outside aviary with earthen floorings, Australian king parrots may be vulnerable to digestive tract worms, which will call for focus from an animal medical practitioner. Digestive tract earthworms or parasites are actually rarely a trouble along with bird sanctuaries or even cages raised in the air.

Diet regimen as well as Nutrition

In bush, Australian master parrots feast on a diet plan of fruit products, almonds, berries, seeds, and also flowers. In bondage, just like all pet dog birds, proper nourishment along with a healthy parrot meals is important to healthiness.

The majority of owners use their birds a top notch commercial pellet and seed mix, enhanced with lots of new vegetables and fruits such as corn, carrots, mango, fruits, and leafy veggies like spinach. These birds appreciate entire grains like oats, millet, as well as quinoa. Higher in fatty tissue, almonds such as almonds and peanuts are actually additionally a favored surprise. Feed these manages occassionaly.

As a medium-to-larger-sized bird, the quantity of meals you offer relies on the bird’s measurements. A mature Australian master parrot can easily eat about 1/2 mug of parrot mix as well as about 1/2 to 3/4 mug of veggies and fruit every day. You can divide that up between two feedings, the moment upon waking, and a number of hrs prior to mattress. Deliver clean alcohol consumption water on a daily basis.

Physical exercise

Australian master parrots, being actually big birds, need plenty of area to exercise. These birds like to climb, turn, as well as chew, so a substantial cage with loads of safe playthings is actually the ideal atmosphere for them.

They normally don’t demand individual interaction as much as some various other parrot species, they still need a minimum of 3 to 4 hrs of administered out-of-cage leisure per day. This task should happen in a substantial bird-proof area of your residence, as Australian king parrots are extremely interested and intelligent and also can obtain on their own into difficulty if you perform not take preventative measures to guarantee their security. To guard the room, shut down ceiling fans, close windows and doors, and get rid of hazardous vegetations as well as various other dogs.

Where to Adopt or Buy an Australian King Parrot

While extremely sought after for their quiet nature and also attractive shades, it can be difficult to discover an Australian king parrot. If you are actually trying to use one as a family pet, try contacting your nearby exotic bird group or even parrot culture and also inquire about dog breeders in your region.

In Australia, dog breeders market Australian master parrots in the variety of $100 to $500. Since this bird is sparse in the U.S., you may count on to spend upwards of $1,000 for one. Rescues, adopting institutions, as well as dog breeders where you might discover Australian king parrots or locate an excellent lead on them in the U.S. include:

  • Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary
  • Adopt a Pet
  • Elegance of Birds

Once you are in contact with a dog breeder, talk to lots of concerns as well as test to make a consultation to go to with them and also their birds. It is crucial to comprehend exactly what it resembles to deal with an Australian master parrot prior to delivering one home. See to it that the bird you would like to take away is alert, active, and also shows all the signs of a healthy and balanced bird, like vivid eyes, well-maintained feathers, and complete crops.

The various other species include the Papuan king parrot and also the Moluccan master parrot.

Australian king parrots are a dimorphic bird varieties suggesting the sexual activities appear various– and also dramatically thus. The vast bulk of Australian king parrots like low handling, they can be hand-tamed through client owners and are amongst the very most gentle sizable parrots in the globe.

Carry out certainly not get fooled in to believing that an Australian master parrot will definitely never bite– all parrots are going to bite if irritated. A mature Australian master parrot can easily eat concerning 1/2 cup of parrot mix and concerning 1/2 to 3/4 cup of fruit product as well as vegetables per day.